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Our systematic guide will assist you in understanding the various designs of conservatory furniture in the market today. We will help you settle for the one that matches your needs. But first, it’s good to understand that these types of home decor come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll find some with glass rooms while others have fantastic glazed extensions.

The choices are of course quite exciting, but the process also has its downsides. For instance, it requires massive investments in money and time. Here, we will take you through the different styles of conservatories as well as some critical advice in choosing the one that suits your home and specific lifestyle.

The good thing about choosing the perfect style for your home is that the decision rests on you. You can quickly create your personal space by just adding a touch of your personality and character. With such a stunning addition to your home, you cannot go wrong when it comes to home decor!

You’ll need to make a lot of decisions before building your conservatory. This guide will look at not only the styling options but also the factors such as how to maintain proper temperatures mainly in the months of summer and winter. We’ll even look at how it creates an improved outdoor feel in your home.

Now, here’s all that you’ll need to know when it comes to conservatory furniture:

Reasons Why Most People Are Choosing to Construct Conservatories Today

Why should you install a conservatory today? Well, there are a lot of reasons why you could want to upgrade your home using such an impressive structure. Below are some of the primary reasons why most people have installed conservatories:

A Gardening Room

A conservatory can make quite a remarkable greenhouse. You can grow all types of crops and flowers. Some of the plants that grow well in a conservatory home structure are fruits and vegetables. In winter, you can even plant some perennial crops such as artichokes, and you’ll harvest some of the healthiest crops in spring or summer. So, if you have a passion for gardening, this is one of the reasons why you should construct a conservatory!

For Enjoying Warm Summer Days

People will also construct conservatories to relax under the warm summer weather. Here, a simply built conservatory would do the trick. If you choose to create yours for summer purposes, you should think about how it affects the temperature in other rooms. Also, take care of winter months as these structures tend to get very cold.

For Additional House Space

A conservatory creates more room in your home. You can even place a dining table to create the perfect setting to dine. If you decide to use it for such a reason, remember that it could involve knocking down some of your walls to create an open space. In this case, you should carefully decide on the size and style that you want, as well as the cost. All in all, once you get it right, it will serve you and your family for several years.

A majority of people will probably construct their conservatory to create an additional living space and for more room in their home. According to research, 16% wanted to have more dining space, and 13% wanted to use it as a greenhouse. Even so, they all wanted it to add more value to their somewhat damaged homes.

How to Keep a Conservatory Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Several issues come with keeping soothing temperatures in your conservatory across the year. These factors heavily rely on your method of construction and the materials that you’ll choose to use as well as how they affect its thermal efficiency. A conservatory with excellent thermal capability ensures that the heat will transfer to the base, roof, and windows. Therefore, it will be warm during winter, and your conservatory will not get too warm during the summer.

Here are some of the materials that play an essential role in controlling the conservatory’s heating options and thermal insulation:

Type of Glass

First, you should know that all glass is not created equally. Some examples of glazing are better equipped to retain more heat. Double glazing is one of these forms of technology that helps your glass to insulate heat properly. It places two planes parallel to each other with a vacuum or an inert Argon gas sandwiched in the middle. The process reduces the transfer of sound and heat from each side of the window.

Conservatory Window

Roofing Type

A conservatory roof also affects your room’s ability to retain heat. Such roofing comes in various designs. However, the most common solution is using glass as it makes sure that your property benefits from excellent natural sunlight by creating an airy and bright space.

The Conservatory Base

It’s not just the roof and windows that need sufficient insulation. For optimal temperatures in both winter and summer, it’s wise to construct the station properly. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Use bricks which are correctly heat treated as they are more resistant to moisture and also quite durable than the standard looking blocks.
  • Use the right damp proof membrane just under the concrete floor to prevent entry of water which causes damp problems. This should be a continuous process in this fantastic dwelling!

Portable Electric Heaters

A portable electric heater is an excellent way to heat your conservatory room especially during the cold months of winter. They are also quite affordable to purchase for example the Silver Athens patio heater.

Here are other fantastic options:

  • Using Radiant heaters - they provide instantaneous heat as they pass electricity through various heating elements
  • Fan heaters offer instant warmth too! However, they are a bit expensive when compared to other heaters, and they only keep one area of the conservatory warm.
  • Oil filled types of radiators - Although they may take time before they heat up, they continue emitting heating even after you’ve switched them off.

What Are Conservatories Used?


Conservatory Plant

Conservatories are stunning additions to your home. Nowadays, they are being used to make a fantastic living room and office spaces. If you finally decide to incorporate these awesome designs into your home, we have the best ideas for you!

A Relaxing Room

A living room space is a perfect way to make a cosy area for family relaxation. During the cold months of winter, you can close all the blinds to keep it warm. During summer, you can open it and enjoy the airy and light-filled environment.

Rattan furniture is a popular choice if you’re looking to turn your conservatory into a tranquil area for your family. Wicker or rattan furniture is simple to maintain while the closeness to the outside creates a jungle effect for additional comfort.

You might also consider adding some corner sofas and rocking chairs. Most importantly, if you choose this style, design it a manner that defines your character and personality. It should also be somewhere where everyone feels welcomed and at home.

Creating a Modern Living Room

Creating a contemporary dining room is quite achievable with the addition of some chic accessories. Use a mixture of fabulous fabrics and a fantastic selection of good looking and stylish furniture. Picking accessories like oversized spotlights or floor lamps to hang on the ceilings assists in turning your conservatory into a haven of peace.

Of course, you’ll also have to look at some chairs, sofas and even a dining table. While choosing dining tables for your living space, don’t try to be too extravagant. Instead, choose simple and colourful designs which go with the style of your conservatory.

Home Office

Do you work from home? Turning a conservatory into your home office is a fantastic idea. It allows you to work from home comfortably. A good conservatory home office gives you amazing fresh air and light. You’ll also have the ability to shift different furniture arrangements according to your tastes.

You can enjoy some real relaxation and peace in such an office, no matter your profession. The trick is picking out furniture that is comfortable and attractive. However, you should remain practical to match the specific decor of the room. Look for your preferred sofas, tables, and cupboards, and remember that whatever you select should give you that wow feeling!

Kids Playing Area

A playroom is like a dream space; it’s a place where you can keep your kid's toys away from the living room. It’s just a place which belongs to your children. When it comes to decorations, let them choose the cartoons they want to hang on the walls or their preferred floor marts. However, make sure that the area is safe. Remove dangerous objects and construct it in a location where you can monitor your kids as they play.

If you choose to extend your house using these amazing conservatory ideas, remember to give it some proper planning. Have the right materials in place and an accurate construction plan. Keep in mind that a properly constructed and decorated conservatory structure can positively transform your life and that of your family by boosting your level of interaction.

Bringing The Outside In!

Home interior

Conservatory interior

If you’re searching for a way to add Mother Nature to your home, a conservatory is a fantastic idea. It connects you to the outdoors perfectly to provide you with enough light and a tranquil environment. It’s also known for bringing people closer to their gardens!

How It Links To Your Garden

Some conservatories are built near your garden so that you may enjoy its beautiful landscaping. It works in almost all regions whether on the beach or in snowy mountains. A coastal design would, therefore, go well with your conservatory. It creates a place of nostalgia and a reminder of past holidays. Of course, if you’re in a region where the weather is warm throughout the year, you will enjoy seeing your garden’s beauty as the plant's bloom.

They also have several doors that lead to patios, decks and garden paths. You can choose to use some sliding doors, French doors or even bi-folding doors. Pick the design that opens large parts of your conservatory. Although these entries don’t give you a good view of the environment, they still give you one of the most incredible access to the outdoors.

Increasing the Value of Your Property

Traditional Conservatories can quickly improve the quality of your home by incorporating the beauty of the outside landscape to your home’s architecture. They combine old and new designs to give you that wow factor. You even don’t have to worry about the cost because they are cheaper than other forms of home extensions. If you decide to add them to your home, your family will enjoy years of pleasure and relaxation.

Perfect for Displaying Furniture on a Hot Sunny Day

An entirely constructed conservatory adds maximum light to your home. This brings out the beauty of your furniture, especially if you’re using this glass structure as a dining room. It’s one of the best spots to have a family lunch as you enjoy the stunning environment. Keep in mind that sunlight is abundant in Vitamin D which improves your immune system.

Choosing the right conservatory style is crucial for maximum light penetration. Dull looking structures hide the view of your excellent furniture. They even look somewhat unattractive! Here, choose the mid-century modern interior design for your conservatory. They come with bright shades of colour such as mustard yellow, dark greens, and some moody blues. It’s just what you need to brighten up your structure.

Which Are Some Of The Most Amazing Conservatory Styles?


Conservatory Restaurant

While constructing or choosing furniture for your glass structure, keep in mind that it should always bring you closer to Mother Nature. Besides, if you’re using it as a greenhouse, it ensures that your plants get proper sunlight for improved growth.

By now, you may be wondering which styles you should use. Luckily, you won’t have to go through a long and tedious list. We’ve found that there are some awesome conservatory styles which give an incredible view of the environment. They include:

  • Modern conservatories
  • Traditional conservatories
  • Rattan Conservatories
  • Chic Conservatories

Modern Conservatories

Modern conservatory

Modern conservatory

The best contemporary structures are those which connect easily with other rooms in your house.

In many cases, a modern conservatory is made from glass with either wooden or steel construction. It also comes with large windows for more natural light. You should put your modern conservatory in a place where all family members can feel comfortable and safe.

Keep it sufficiently heated throughout winter, or no one may use it in such cold months. Also, remember to fill it with neutral colours and fantastic furniture. It’s also worth mentioning that modern conservatories are also seen as gardens because they take you from the house and into an attractive open garden.

You can also create a small but modern conservatory and decorate it with the best furniture. Although it might seem difficult to furnish, you’ll only need to reduce the level of furniture to minimise space. This also allows you to add some stylish home decor ideas without making your room feel so cramped up.

Cost is another essential factor that you’ll need to look into before you can start constructing your modern conservatory. Your budget will determine the type of material that you’ll use and most importantly, the furniture styles that you want to have in the structure. You'll need to take proper account of all the different colours, furniture, and styling options. This makes the entire process a bit simpler!

Traditional Conservatories

Traditional conservatory

Traditional conservatory

Traditional conservatories are now famous amongst most homeowners. People consider them as smart ideas which aim at improving the value of your property as well as adding more space to your home. They give you the best place to relax and refresh, especially after a hard day’s work.

They are designed with the classic cottage or country house in mind. However, this does not mean that it can’t improve your modern home. The styles work tremendously on new properties, especially when fixed to a bungalow.

One of the most popular styles we have around is the Victorian conservatory. These types of conservatories are built with small walls of about 3 feet to allow you to enjoy the best view of your garden while relaxing inside. If you choose to use it as a dining room, you can pick the best Milan abaca rattan dining table which looks fantastic when used in a traditional conservatory.

There is also the Edwardian style that allows you to add more furniture because of its large square or rectangular floor space. It’s a bold looking design that makes a rather compelling statement. Its high roofs allow better entry and circulation of air by accommodating electrically controlled ventilation openings.

Chic Conservatories

Chic conservatory

Conservatory Furniture

Change your glass conservatory into a classy or romantic place! First, ask yourself what you want to achieve, for instance, do you want it to be a personal space or a place where you can hang out with your family? Whichever decision you make, remember to use the right kind of furniture.

Choose cosy leather furniture for your chic conservatory. Here, you can use heavy wood pieces together with some luxurious fabrics such as cashmere. Arrange all your furnishings in modern colours and even use some loft lamp lighting to create a soothing atmosphere.

It’s always good to have a reading area in your chic structure. Make sure that you only invest in high-quality bookshelves from real wood. Also, add a comfortable armchair and a foot-stool for additional comfort.

Rattan Conservatories

Rattan conservatory

Rattan Furniture

We recommend that you choose lightweight furniture for your rattan conservatory. While selecting the best furniture to use, you’ll need first to calculate and measure the space that you want to place the furniture. Hence, it will not be too small or too large, and you’ll also get it in the right shape and size. It’s also good to match the new furniture with the other furnishings already in your conservatory living space.

Some of the fantastic furniture options include:

  • Sahara rattan garden set - you can decorate it with small pillows and cushions. You can also complement it with some custom-made covers!
  • Juniper garden set - it’s known for its dark frame and base. It comes in rectangular and sharp designs with 12mm thick cushions. It’s a lovely piece combination that improves the appearance and quality of your glass structure.

Other than just the style and selection of furniture, you’ll also need to make sure that its UV treated. Doing this protects your furniture from fading, splitting and cracking when kept under intense sunlight or harsh weather. Avoid placing your rattan furniture next to the conservatory’s windows and walls. Research shows that the base tends to crack when they absorb moisture from the walls of the structure. However, it’s safer to buy furniture made from durable and long-lasting material!


Several factors affect the temperature of your conservatory living space. Always remember to use the right materials and to apply the best heating systems especially during winter. The less capital you use, the more inefficient your structure will be. Therefore, don’t be too cautious when it comes to costs as the long-term gains are what count.

It’s also important to highlight that the type of furniture you choose should go hand in hand with the intended use for your conservatory. For instance, is it a kid's playing area or greenhouse? Here, Lighting is also crucial because it helps you select the type of furniture to put in your glass structure.

Why are there many conservatories today? Well, the only correct answer is that people have realised that it’s one of the best house extensions. You can use this guide to settle on some fantastic furniture for the style that you decide to use. Keep in mind that installing it in your home allows you to become more creative and personal in your method of decoration. All in all, conservatory structures are some of the modern and classy relaxation areas that we have today!