Feng shui (pronounced ‘fung-shoo-way’) is an ancient Chinese philosophy stemming from Taoist beliefs about nature and life. At its heart is a simple idea: that when your personal energy is in tune with nature and your environment, then you will benefit. Balanced and properly circulating energy results in a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Luck is introduced to the home.

In Chinese, this energy is called qi and it’s pronounced ‘chee’. To achieve balance, it’s a matter of allowing positive energy to flow easily and subduing negative energy. When you learn that feng shui means ‘wind water’ then the idea of flow starts to fall into place.

small bedroom. feng shui

Cleaning the windows to let natural light into the house and letting fresh air in at the same time.

Make sure your outside space is auspicious

Auspicious – suggesting a positive and successful future.

A simple, open and welcoming outside space attracts positive energy to flow smoothly and enter the house easily. Our blog about how to use feng shui in your garden outlines some basic principles.

The threshold

Keep the entrance to your home clean so positive energy can enter freely. Brush the step and keep the door clean. Make sure the area around the door is clear and uncluttered.

Seven ways to arrange your home in an auspicious manner

Peace Lily. Chill out zone. Relaxing. feng shui

Peace Lily. By Audrey and re-used under CC BY 2.0 licence

  1. Let positive energy flow around your home easily by removing clutter. Don’t store anything under the bed, and keep your cupboards and wardrobes clean and organised. This will help enormously in getting rid of any negative qi.
  2. Remove or repair broken items.
  3. Keep your house clean and banish dirt and grime. Clean your windows and let natural light shine in.
  4. Let negative energy out and positive energy into the house by opening the windows. Ventilating the rooms improves the air quality, and so does growing plants such as the peace lily.
  5. Use natural materials such as wood, water and rattan.
  6. Organisation. You’ll be able to find things easily and your thoughts will be clearer. And there will be space for new, good things to happen.
  7. Use mirrors with care to bring positive qi into the house. Use whole mirrors to see yourself in one piece, to bring nature and landscapes and light into the house. N.B. Don't have a mirror facing the door as this will bounce qi entering the house straight out again.

Feng shui can seem complicated but its central idea is very straightforward, and can benefit everyone.