It’s Dream Day! Have a go yourself!

Relaxing and daydreaming can improve creativity and reduce stress levels. Many of us think that, and scientists have proved it. Have a go and see for yourself! It’s Dream Day!

Today is Dream Day?? Yes, it's a Californian thing and has been around since 2012, apparently. If we’re talking dreams, it’s a mere infant really. But dreams and daydreaming have been around much longer than 2012; they’ve been around for ever.

In the mood

Before we start, let’s get in the mood.

I’ll riffle through my box of singles (vinyl) ...

Looking for a single. Daydreaming

Looking for a single
I A Uemlianin

... and put something on the record player …


OK, now we can start.

Daydreaming frees your mind to solve problems, big and small

Good ideas seem to arrive when you’re doing something else: sitting on the bus, lying in the bath or just walking along. I find fully-formed sentences appear in my mind on long drives. Why is that?

When you’re strolling down the street or zoning out on the patio with a cup of coffee, you’re only using a tiny bit of your mind’s fantastic ability. You’re not concentrating on anything very much so your mind isn’t being held back from any free associations that might occur. Some of the rich store of material your brain has been carefully stowing away is free to float up to the surface, in helpful and creative combinations.

When we daydream and our minds wander, our brains don’t become dormant. In fact, areas of the brain associated with complex problem-solving are highly active.

Interested Friend wants results but daydreaming's really not like that

Interested Friend came round when he heard I was writing this piece.

Interested Friend. Tell me what daydreaming is.

Me. People also call it ‘letting your mind wander’, or ‘zoning out’.

IF. What? Oh yes. Sorry, I just drifted off for a moment.

Me. Ha ha ha, very funny.

IF. Look, how do I do it and what do I need?

Me. You can go for a walk or commute or do a mindless chore. Or you can stretch out somewhere comfortable. Your mind will do the rest.

IF. I’m going to buy a nap pod!

Me. If you like but you don’t need any special equipment. A simple sofa or couch will do. In fact, it's probably much better. Preferably in a quiet place.

IF. What about if I fall asleep?

Me. That’s fine. I know you’ve got small children. One thing can lead to another.

IF. And how long until I see the results?

Me. Relax, this isn’t a race or a football game. You’ll just feel a lot better after a spot of daydreaming, and you’ll have a few more bright ideas. That's got to be good

So, feet up for a few bright ideas!

Such good advice. I need to do this from time to time ...