Come Dine With Me… In The Garden!

By | July 24, 2014

Entertaining guests is always a challenge, but taking it outside and battling the elements presents a new struggle. However, get the balance right with the perfect food, outdoor furniture and inviting atmosphere, and you’ll be receiving tens all-round from your guests, regardless of the weather!


First, you’ll need to venture into the wilderness and reclaim the overgrown environment that was once your garden. What sarcastic comments would David Lamb say if you welcomed your guests into your garden in its current state? Power up the lawnmower and get your marigolds on, you’ve got work to do!

Your new-look Eden needs to be comfortable as well as stylish. Complement your fresh cut lawn with lush plant borders and updated outdoor dining furniture to give your garden the attention it deserves.

Cooking alfresco

As soon as a host leaves to cook the main course, there’s always awkward silences aplenty. Cut over an hilarious commentary, these moments provide us with endless entertainment, but when it’s at your own party, it’s well… just plain awkward really.

Prevent this from happening by cooking right beside your guests. Garden cooking goes beyond the charred BBQ sausages of last summer. Surpass your burnt reputation by firing up an outdoor pizza oven. You can customise the toppings for each guest to make sure you get it just right and since pizza dough is easy enough to make, you can avoid the embarrassing ‘is this homemade?’ interrogation.

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Tapas, pizza and buffets are the perfect dishes to serve outdoors. They get the conversation flowing and reflect the chilled out vibes of dining outdoors. Serving small dishes of different varieties means that there will be at least one dish each guest likes, even the extremely picky eater (there’s always one).

Multiple dishes lined up across your outdoor dining table will lead to the perfect setting for a feast. Your guest won’t be able to resist taking a sneaky picture for their social media profiles, just make sure they don’t claim credit!

Prepare for the worst

This is Britain after all, and if the weather man announces glorious sun all week, you can bet your last penny that there will be a ‘slight downpour’ somewhere along the way. Crossing your fingers that the rain won’t fall on your dinner party is not good enough, you need to be fully prepared.

Garden parasols will be used in the sun and rain, keeping the rays out of your guests’ eyes or sheltering them from an imminent soaking. This essential piece of outdoor furniture could be the saviour of a sinking dinner party.

In the cooler months (aka most of the year) a patio heater provides much needed respite from the cold. Keeping your guests warm is essential for morale levels. If you thought cold plates were a faux pas, wait until your guest turns up to your garden party without a jacket. A frosty temperature leads to a frosty atmosphere and that’s not going to win you a £1,000 prize at the end of the week.

Outdoor dining may seem like an uphill battle, but you’ll be reaping the rewards when your dinner party goes down a treat. Although we can help make your outdoor dinner party a success, we probably won’t be offering to help with the washing up afterwards!