Can You Name The Birds? (Quiz)

By | April 10, 2017

Know your parrot from your pigeon? Or your goldfinch from your bullfinch?

Birds are all around us and, as most avid gardeners know, birds are essential to the prosperity of the garden.

The fluttering sparrows and the red-breasted robin and friends eat all the grubs and bugs that leave your lettuces wilting in your borders, your potatoes rotten in the ground and your glorious display of dahlias dashed.

Encouraging birds into your garden means knowing which species you are likely to attract and at what time of year. As well as feeding birds seed and some kitchen scraps, planting certain kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers help. And a few nesting boxes fixed securely high up a tree trunk can also bring new life into your garden.

But do you know your more common garden birds or do you struggle to identify those that are more elusive?

Find out with our fantastic ‘Know Your Birds’ quiz!

Can You Name The Bird?