Guess the Flower Quiz

Is your garden an abundance of blooms and colour? But do you get a little tongue-tied when someone asks the name of a plant or shrub? Help is at hand with our fantastic guess the flower quiz!

Getting to Know Your Flowers and Shrubs

Creating a fantastic garden means knowing the plants in it. By identifying the plants, their soil preferences and whether they enjoy full sun or not, they will flourish.

And that means identifying common plants, as well as the plant family they belong to.

The great news is, it is easier than you think! So, if you need to know your freesias from your lavandula, this is the quiz for you.

Take the Test

Once complete, you will find out if you need to swat up some more on your blooms, or whether you are already a bloomin’ expert gardener! If you are looking for some garden furniture to accompany the flowers in your garden, then check out our garden furniture page:-

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