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Garden Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

The word “trend” can stir up bad connotations, but, basically, it means “new ideas”. Showcasing new trends can highlight these new ideas in inspiring and creative ways. The approaching New Year will produce many new trends – clothing, colour, interior design and, garden. Yes, there is such a thing as garden trends. Gardening is not… Read More »

How to improve a cold conservatory

John Waugh, a home improvement specialist at double glazing installers EYG, explains 5 simple ways to combat a cold conservatory. Modern conservatories look amazing and have the ability to totally transform how you use your home. Unfortunately, old and cold conservatories are not quite as glamorous. Let’s be honest, they’re sometimes so cold that they’re… Read More »

A Guide to Stylish Conservatory Furniture

Our systematic guide will assist you in understanding the various designs of conservatory furniture in the market today. We will help you settle for the one that matches your needs. But first, it’s good to understand that these types of home decor come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll find some with glass rooms while… Read More »

Different Interior Design Styles

Any homeowner looking to spruce up their interior design has a long list of different styles from which they draw inspiration. Rattan Direct can provide furniture for every possible design aesthetic, and this guide will explain how to achieve these different looks for your home. Scandinavian Nordic countries are famously held hostage by the elements… Read More »

How To Create an Urban Oasis

City life tends to be demanding and draining, so it’s essential to develop a safe space that enables the occupants of a home to relax. One way of achieving this is to switch up the concrete jungle for some time in a green space such as a park or common, but what can you do… Read More »

Home and Garden Security

Home and garden security is an important concern for any homeowner or tenant, especially if their property is appointed with high quality furnishings from a provider such as Rattan Direct. Crime is an unfortunate fact of life in our society, and thieves are becoming increasingly savvy. Quality home furnishings are like catnip to burglars, and… Read More »

Why Is The Honey Bee So Important? (Infographic)

The Humble But-Ever-So-Important Bee We are often cautious of the yellow and striped bees that buzz around the garden, and with good reason too. The sting in their tail is, at best, painful but at worst, fatal for those with a bee sting. But the humble bee is very important. It pollinates crops, helping us… Read More »

Honey Bee Quiz

Bees are a common sight but how much do you know really about them? If you come across as an irate bee, how many times could you be stung? And how likely are you to be stung by a bee during the hours of darkness? The honey bee plays a vital role in the balance… Read More »

Your Guide to Growing Roses

What shrub is 35 million years old with 35 species in the wild, all of which can be found in countries across the Northern Hemisphere? The wild species of rose that we see in the wild have lived for centuries, and can be found in cultivated gardens too. As well as wild rose species, there… Read More »

Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

Summer is nearly upon us and for many this means spending as much time in the garden as possible. We understand that like the home, the garden has to be a safe place to be for us and our children. But what about our beloved pooches? Are there dangers lurking in your garden that could… Read More »