So. The clocks have leapt forward, we have lost an hour of sleep, and in its place comes the promise of better weather. Hopeful rays of sunshine may highlight the ever increasing green, or torrential rain may carry with it the sweet scent of awakening earth; either way, spring has definitely arrived. And with it? Life.

Like the creatures of the woodland or the first shoots of spring, we all begin to venture outdoors. The rhythm of nature will remain unbroken however hard we try to resist and, recognise it or not, she calls to us all. But the pull of hibernation is strong, especially when outdoors is not yet as warm as we would like, and part of us longs to stay inside by the warmth of the fire and the hum of the TV. But outside? Outside lies a whole world of endless possibility.

Like dipping a tentative toe into the water, the more you immerse yourself in outdoor life the less you want to go back inside. Start small, allow yourself to slowly unfurl and acclimatise to this brave new world. Enjoy the morning light with your morning coffee on the patio, or sip your first cuppa of the day perched on the back step. You may still need a coat, yet the experience is no less liberating. She calls to us all, regardless of environment or geography. In the heart of the city, the traffic roar takes on a different timbre and the green spaces come to life. The winter silence of the suburbs is replaced by the hum of lawnmowers and the dance of DIY. Nature is not confined to those who live in the countryside. Turns out we are all singing the same tune after all.

Months of daylight, even warmth, stretch before you. Embrace it now and you will be enjoying the benefits long into September; right through the year, with a bit of creative thought. Just as your home reflects your personality and the patterns of your life, so too your outside space. Let life spill outdoors. There is no blueprint, no set of instructions; simply you doing what you do. Get to grips with gardening or dabble in a little outdoor DIY, but it is up to you how you do it. Make it your own may be a cliché, but as with most clichés it speaks the truth.
You don’t have to build a brick pizza oven, but you could if the mood takes you. Growing your own is back in fashion but it may be best to start small. Eating outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures, be it a solitary sandwich on the lawn or a sultry midsummer soiree. Build a bird table, or buy one. Decide against the bird table because of next doors cat. Endless possibility.

So take that cuppa outside, feel the air and the light on your skin, and look around. See where it takes you. Heed the call.

There is much to be done…