As we slowly move into summer 2021 its time to get your garden ready, as this year more than most you’ll be spending lots of time in your outdoor space.

Most of us tend to steer away from spending time in our garden during the colder months, so you’ve probably not given it much TLC for a good few months. If this sounds a lot like you then our guide to the perfect garden with these ten simple steps should be followed in order to create an outdoor space that’s worth spending time in.

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional gardener, these 10 steps to get your garden prepared for summer are incredibly basic, you just need to follow each on and your garden will be looking on point for when you have friends and family over this summer.


  1. You’ll get nowhere if you don’t have the right equipment, and that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. The art to a perfect garden is keeping it simple and neat. So, before you begin your journey of creating the perfect summer garden, make sure you have the right tools for the job. If you already have all the tools you need then cleaning them is incredibly important. Wash your metal equipment’s like spades and rakes with water and a stiff brush, as dirty tools can help spread diseases and can infect the plants you have growing in your garden. Once clean you should always oil your gardening equipment as this prevents them from rusting.


  1. Right, so now your tools are ready its time, to begin with, the actual gardening! Your garden will definitely be needing some care, so start off by removing any dead foliage, that can be leaves on the ground or plants that might not have survived the winter period. If you have borders in your garden where your flowers grow, you can tidy up these areas and turn your soil by using a rake or spade, otherwise known as cultivating your soil. Doing this helps for easier growth as the soil tends to harden when it is not broken up after a long time.


  1. Step three is very similar to step two, as its basic maintenance of your garden, only this time we will be removing any dead plants and weeds. Yes, we know, weeding is probably the most boring job (especially to those of you who aren’t big gardening fans) but sadly it is a must if you want your garden prepared for the summer. Pull out any weeds that are in your lawn or that appear in between cracks in your decking or paving slabs. In order to prevent more weeds from appearing buy a bottle of weed killer from your local gardening store. As well as weeding you’ll also find pests that can ruin your garden like slugs. Removing slugs from your garden is another must, as they can eat your flowers causing havoc. Obviously, you can purchase slug repellent from your local garden store, but you can also make quick home remedies including coffee beans. Simply crush coffee beans and scatter them around your plants, slugs hate them!


  1. Your garden will now start to appear neat and tidy, with dead leaves and flowers, foliage and weeds all now removed, its begin to work our bushes or hedges in your garden. Before you begin to trim a hedge, remove any loose twigs or rubbish that may have ended up inside. Use a hedge trimmer or garden sheers to neatly trim your bushes. This is a simple and sometimes even a relaxing task to perform, and once you’ve trimmed your hedges, you won’t need to tend to them for some time.


  1. We’re about to begin some of our more exciting jobs, finding and planting flowers! If you’re after a garden that has a bright colour, then flowers are certainly must-haves. In order to ensure your garden looks the part in the summer, its key to plant flowers in the spring, so get your plants and seeds as soon as possible! Planting seeds is super-easy, simply find a spot in your garden and dig a small hole, cover the seeds with your soil and water regularly (even if it rains). Planting your seeds in the springtime allows your plants to be fully grown by the time summer comes around.


  1. Decking or patios can often become to look dirty over time, especially during the winter period. You’ve got plenty of options to clean your patio or decked area. You initially start by jet washing the surface, removing any dirt and you’ll instantly see your patio or decking become clean. However, if you want it to stay clean its best to treat the area, if it’s a wooden decked area you should use varnish and paint to help protect the wood. If you’re cleaning a patio that may have paving slabs you can use a patio sealant which makes the area water-resistant, which prevents the growth of weeds as well as keeping your patio clean.


  1. If you’re someone who wants to attract wildlife to your garden the bird seeds are a great addition. You can make fat balls for birds by following our guide here. If you have a bird table in your garden its best to clean it, as birds love nothing more than enjoying a seed or nut. Attracting birds will also attract other wildlife like squirrels or hedgehogs.


  1. Water your plants! Now you’ve done all the hard work you just need to stay on top of your garden chores. Watering is the key to ensure that your plants grow in time for the summer. You can even collect your own water in a water butt. This is an eco-friendly way of watering your plants and grass. Not only is collecting water from a water butt eco-friendly, but its also much better for your plants. Tap water can sometimes be alkaline which will cause damage to certain varieties of plant or flowers, so using natural rainwater is a much better option.


  1. Cleaning your garden furniture is one of your last jobs before spring turns into summer. With our garden furniture, we provide free outdoor covers, so you don’t even need to clean it before it is used. However, if your furniture isn’t covered over winter it can begin to pick up bits of dirt, so simply hose down your furniture and clean it with a cloth in order to remove the bits of dirt. Cleaning your garden furniture is really important in keeping your garden looking fresh for the summer.


  1. Now you’ve done all of your gardening chores you simply need to keep on top of all of your jobs. That can go from watering your plants, mowing your lawn or painting your decking or fencing. These tasks keep your garden looking on point and allows you to relax throughout the summer.

With these ten steps, you can have your garden prepared for the summer of 2021. If you want to keep your garden looking pristine then these steps will certainly help. For more tips on keeping your garden looking pristine, you should follow our blog.